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Tile Talk: A Home Styling Guide to Kitchens & Bathrooms

Do you find yourself looking at showroom kitchens and bathrooms in awe? Perhaps you’re a sucker for a good interior design magazine, only wishing that your home could look like that too. Well, you’re in luck. Styling your kitchen and bathroom isn’t as difficult as you think it may be. Both the kitchen and bathroom are spaces in the home that we spend a lot of time in, making it perfect sense that you would want them to be as inviting and stylish as possible. In today’s article, source tips and inspiration from kitchen and bathroom showrooms in Melbourne so read on to find out more! 

Kitchen Styling 101:

  • Less Is More

When it comes to styling your kitchen, less is always more. This applies to clutter, appliances and other knick-knacks you may have in the kitchen. The best way to ensure that your kitchen is as stylish as possible is to make full use of storage solutions. The less you have cluttered on your countertop, the better. We recommend forgoing glass cabinet doors for solid ones that hide all your dinnerware and limiting the number of appliances you have on your kitchen counter. A great interior design tip is to opt for storage that not only maximises your space but allows you to hide unsightly pots and pans in places you never would have thought to use before. 

  • Neutral Colours Work Best

If you’re looking for a sleek and stylish looking kitchen, always stick to neutral colours. Whilst a fully red or blue kitchen may look eclectic and cool, we believe that neutral colours stand the test of time. Options such as marble or light stone countertops always exude elegance, whilst bright tiles and splashbacks open up the space. This is especially important for those who have small kitchens and are looking to create the illusion of a bigger space. 

  • Introduce Greenery

Indoor plants don’t have to be limited to just the living space. In fact, adding some greenery to your kitchen is a fantastic way to transform the space almost instantly. Some fantastic and practical ideas for kitchen greenery include micro herbs along the window sill or even little pots of aromatics neatly arranged on a floating wall shelf. Every room in the home can benefit from a touch of greenery, the kitchen included. 

  • Stick To A Colour Scheme

One of the easiest tricks to ensure a sleek looking kitchen is to ensure that all your appliances are a similar colour, or if possible, the same colour. A toaster, kettle, stand mixer and blender that are all in the same colour can help your kitchen look modern, stylish and well put together with minimal effort. Most appliances in 2020 come in a wide variety of colours, and we always encourage people to try and stick to a colour scheme wherever possible. 

Bathroom Styling 101:

  • Upgrade Your Tiles

The one thing that often makes a bathroom look less than appealing are old tiles. Often, grout becomes stained or even collects mould over time and tiles tend to look dated and washed out. This is why we always recommend a full retiling of the bathroom, if possible. Some modern options include stone tiled floors that dry quickly, which is always a handy thing in the bathroom. 

  • Don’t Limit The Decor

Most people totally neglect the bathroom when it comes to home decor. We always recommend that people put as much effort into decorating the bathroom as they would with the living room or bedroom. A stylish bathroom is one that is not only functional but also looks aesthetically pleasing. Why not include some art on the walls? You could even install new towel rails and racks that suit the particular aesthetic you are going for. Don’t forget – you could even decorate the sink area with fresh flowers, pot plants and pretty jewellery holders! 

  • Your Self Care Items Count

When it comes to styling the bathroom, even your self-care items count. We always suggest choosing bathroom products that come in beautiful packaging and scents as they can help to instantly lift your bathroom. Other additions such as high-quality face towels and colognes placed on a stylish looking tray are a great way to add some hotel-chic to your home bathroom. Remember to always play with heights and textures and group in odd numbers – groups of three are always pleasing to the eye. 

  • It’s All About Lighting

If you’re looking to totally transform your bathroom, it’s all about lighting. Ambient light is often recommended for those who are looking for a luxurious feel in the bathroom. The last thing you want is harsh white lights in the bathroom, so we always recommend opting for mirror lights, pendant lights and candles when possible. Even pretty table lamps have their place sat next to the vanity or bathroom side table! 


Transforming your kitchen and bathroom into a luxury space doesn’t have to cost a ton of money or take up too much of your time. We hope that this styling guide to kitchens and bathrooms has given you the insight you were looking for!

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