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Small signs that indicate your debt is getting out of control

The dollar amount of your debt doesn’t necessarily mean that you are in trouble or that your debt is out of control. There are many people who have high debt and high incomes which allow them to service their debt easily and with complete financial control.

If you have debt and have to think about often or if it causes you any type of stress, this should be the first indication that you are already in or close to being in financial trouble which may require some professional help.
Waiting until your circumstance gets out of control is one of the worst things you can do.

Here are some signs which can indicate your debt is starting to become a problem:

• As mentioned earlier, you think about your finances often and this causes stress
• You use other forms of credit to pay for older credit (not including balance transfers as a means for consolidation within a budget and plan)
• You only make the minimum repayments
• You’re not completely sure how much debt you have
• All of your credit cards or loans are near their limits
• You can’t receive credit increases or new credit
• You start to make excuses about your debt or hide them from your family

If you find yourself dealing with any or multiple of the above, it might be time to sit down and create a detailed plan on how to regain control of your finances. A starting point would be a detailed and accurate budget which outlines your total financial situation. This will help isolate any areas of savings and areas of wastage. Both of which when found can be applied to the debt.

If you are beyond a budget as a means to help tackle financial difficulties, there are many paid and free financial services to help. There is no need to be ashamed or embarrassed for calling and asking for help, thousands of people seek financial help each day. Debt is a common occurrence in society and unfortunately good financial habits are not.

Life is short, if you’re struggling with finances learn to put your foot down and stop it – it won’t get better on its own, take control and get on top of it before it snowballs and becomes a bigger issue. Get back to a living a simple lifestyle, one without unnecessary stresses.

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  1. June 5, 2013 at 11:24 pm — Reply

    These are definitely signs that your debt is out of control. Luckily we’ve never been too too stressed by debt.

  2. June 5, 2013 at 11:41 pm — Reply

    I would say that minimum payment because you have to is a bad sign. Sometimes people do it even though they have money. Don’t like the stress of having debt.

  3. June 7, 2013 at 12:33 am — Reply

    When these signs start to occur, one should be worried already. Take action because it’s already scary and something can go wrong anytime soon.

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