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Seniors: Benefits/Pension Not Enough? These Entitlements Will Help!

5 clever moves seniors make to increase cash flow, reduce debt & live comfortably.

There are numerous entitlements you should be taking advantage of but finding them can be difficult. Tackling financial concerns is a matter of knowing where to go to get the right information.

Below is how thousands of Australians are addressing financial concerns such as:

  1. Debt
  2. Costs of everyday shopping
  3. The lack of interest on savings accounts
  4. Energy price gouging
  5. Stress around the monthly budget
  6. Bonus – Financial help for emergencies

In one hour you can dramatically change your finances today and enjoy the saving tomorrow. Literally save hundreds of dollars each month!

It can be the difference between stressful or comfortable living.

1. Having Debt Is Always A Concern – Not Anymore!

Debt relief for seniors in Australia
Many Australians find themselves struggling with large amounts of debt with no way to comfortably manage it. An unexpected change in income, emergencies, relationship breakdown or other unforeseen event can cause severe financial stress.

With the correct restructuring of debt, you can:

  • Save thousands in interest & fees
  • Have one affordable monthly repayment
  • Have a clear end date
  • Possibly reduce the overall debt amount owed

Online Debt Relief:
Over the years debt reduction strategies have changed. There are now online services that can provide guidance on debt relief services including options many don’t know about.

Learn more about debt relief options from this popular website that helps thousands of Australians each year – DEALINGWITHDEBT.COM.AU (Check if you qualify in 2 mins)

Do-It-Yourself (DIY):
For those with a good credit profile, steady income and employment history, a debt consolidation loan can be a good option.

Compare debt consolidation loans:

2. Drastically Reduce Everyday Shopping Costs

Seniors shopping discounts
Couponing and sales methods have changed, everything is going digital. It is now easier to take advantage of store sales and earn cashback when shopping.

CashRewards is a leading discount shopping and rewards site that has partnerships with over 1200 retailers including: Woolies, Coles, Chemist Warehouse, Dan Murphy’s, BWS, Meyers, DJs and so many more.

They have been featured on:
Seen on
The service allows for in-store or online shopping in addition to daily discounts across partners but also the seasonal sales such as: EOFY, Sales Frenzy, Black Friday and Boxing Day sales.

Take advantage of huge discounts and earn real cash back into your bank account.


Seniors card:
Most seniors are well aware of the Seniors Card scheme which is offered across each state or territory. If not, below are the details for the program for each region.

Seniors card by State or Territory:
> Northern Territory
> New South Wales
> Queensland
> South Australia
> Tasmania
> Victoria
> Western Australia

Tip: Not all businesses advertise discounts for seniors and many businesses may not be a part of the scheme. However, simply asking for senior discounts before paying for anything will typically get you some sort of discount. This one line, “do you have discounts for seniors” has saved money for thousands of seniors!

3. Savings Account Upgrade – It Matters!

Savings for seniors
If your like most Australian’s who have a savings account, depending on when you opened your account – the rate may not be competitive anymore. A quick comparison can highlight potential earnings – the big 4 have some strong competition!

Tip: A quick call to your bank to rate match other offers can increase your earnings without needing to move. If as a loyal member your bank declines, maybe its time for a change!

Compare high interest savings accounts:

4. Energy Bills: Concerned About Price Gouging?

Utility bill savings for seniors
It seems like every year there are reports of energy companies price gouging customers. Have you been overpaying and not known? It takes only a few minutes to quickly find out if you are on a good deal or paying overs…in many cases way too much!

*In a study conducted by Choice’s energy partner MI Retail Energy, they found 7 in 10 Aussies should be paying less for energy. Could you be one of the 7 overpaying?

Compare your energy bills online in minutes:


5. Budgeting: But Now How You Know It!

Help with bills for seniors
Get a custom cashflow strategy, including possible re-negotiation of bills/debt with your creditors. The right cashflow plan can do many things for you quickly. It provides a clear plan or strategy to work to that includes goals. With this comes financial certainty as everything is laid out and realised with short, medium and long-term milestones. It is a way to put your finance on autopilot and build towards a bright financial future whilst addressing current financial pressures.

This can be created for any income size – the savings and removal of financial anxiety are real.

Why is it different? It’s a restructure of debt and bills that can include discussions with creditors to provide reduction in monthly repayments and savings on interest and fees.


Bonus: Emergency Cash Help

Many Australians don’t have significant savings or credit cards to help with unexpected expenses. Accessing money quickly can be difficult. In these circumstances there are a few options available.

Get A Small Loan Between $1000 – $5000
In situations where a government assistance, banks or other assistance won’t work, there are specialist lenders who may provide you with the funds you need. They generally have fewer restrictions and flexible approval criteria but do come at a cost. Typical loan info includes:

– Loan Term: 22 to 52 weeks depending on loan amount
– Loan Use: These are unsecured personal loans; there is no restriction on how you use the money.
– Loan Speed: On approval, cash is usually deposited in the same day (pre-approval in less than 3 min)
– Costs to Borrow: For loans up to $2,000 there is an establishment fee and then a set monthly fee instead of interest. See application page for full details based on loan amount.
– Loan Savings: No penalties for early payouts, pay early and save.

Main qualifying criteria is to provable weekly income of $600 and Centrelink cannot be your only source of income.


Speak To Your Bank
Depending on your bank, they may have a division or branch that specialises in quick micro loans that are not actively advertised. As an example, the NAB funds different programs for those who would generally not qualify for mainstream lending – LEARN MORE HERE

Non-For-Profit Microfinance
Many fixed income and low-income earners are unaware of different micro loans that are provided by partnerships between the government, corporates and non-profits. This includes finance schemes such as NILs, StepUp and others.
These loans are specific to essential needs such as medical costs, educational fees, the purchase of whitegoods and furniture, vehicle servicing and repairs among other things.


Bonus #2: Contact Us With Questions

If there is a financial concern or question not covered, please ask and we will review our resource to provide feedback. Please check your junk mail for responses if you don’t see a reply in your inbox within 48 hours.

Email us at: [email protected]

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