Is Self-Storage a Good Solution for Your Business?

From large to small businesses, space for storing stock, documents, office supplies or equipment is always at a premium. Even in today’s digital world, the physical space businesses have available still fills up faster than ever. So could self-storage be the smart solution for your business storage woes?

Self-Storage vs. Warehousing
If your business doesn’t move a high volume of stock, it quickly becomes inefficient for third-party warehousing companies to manage your stock. These companies also cannot store things other than your stock, so you need to find another solution for those bulky boxes of paperwork, that large piece of equipment that you keep meaning to get repaired, or those spare supplies and materials that see more dust than use.

While you may not think of this option at first, self-storage companies such as Fort Knox Storage can provide businesses with an alternative solution. With flexible and secure spaces that have easy, out-of-business-hour access, self-storage offers businesses a blank slate that can be used in a variety of ways to suit their needs as best as possible.

Maybe sales were slow one month and you have a backlog of stock. An easy solution is to temporarily hire out self-storage to get excess stock out of the way. Even if the worst happens and your stock, materials, equipment or documents are damaged, then there is the peace of mind that insurance companies still typically cover such facilities.

Boxes, Boxes and More Boxes
It doesn’t matter what size business you have; paperwork tends to quickly stack up regardless of the increase in digital capabilities. Rather than letting clunky boxes pile up in the office or at home, limiting the amount of space you have to work in, businesses can again utilise self-storage. Consider operating on a rotation, moving boxes to a storage facility once they are no longer recent. This will keep the amount of boxes at your workplace manageable while considering that the ATO requires certain documents to be kept for at least 5 years.

Business is Ever-Changing
The needs and requirements of your business evolve and change over time. Perhaps you’ve just struck a deal to stock a new range of products – where are you going to store them? Or maybe a client has had to delay the delivery of a large order and it’s too big to just sit there for a month. These situations require the usual way a business operates to adapt and change. In uncertain periods, self-storage provides a flexible solution to absorb the impact of curveballs. Such possibilities take the stress out of adapting and leave the sense of excitement that comes along with any new opportunity.

All kinds of businesses can capitalise on the unrecognised possibilities offered by self-storage. With flexible, secure and effective options, self-storage allows larger companies, retail stores, offices, trade businesses or home offices to find the right storage solution for them.

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