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How paying peanuts in real estate fees may get you more than just monkeys in a suit!

Pardon the pun, but do you ever feel as though you would go ape if someone were to monkey you around when you are trying to sell your home? You want to get the best price from the sale of your home, and not just anybody that is dressed in a monkey suit will be qualified to do so. Real estate can be a very profitable, but you can lose out easily if you build the wrong support team around you.

The wrong agent will send you on a wild goose chase.

The most important part of the process for you the successful sale of your home will be the selection of your real estate agent. To those that are inexperienced in real estate, it can be a challenge to find the right representative to sell your home. Distinguishing the true professionals from the monkeys wearing the suits has never been an easy task, however with sites like LocalAgentFinder, the process has become much easier with property vendors being able to compare real estate agents based on their sales performance, reputation, recommendations, real estate fees and credibility. This simplifies the process for you and allows you to confidently make a selection from a ‘talented pool of candidates’ who can successfully orchestrate and manage the successful sale of your property.

Don’t let your open house turn into a zoo!

You want to attract serious buyers to your property. The wrong real estate agent can seriously impact the chances for successfully selling your property by attracting the wrong types of buyers that will make low offers or worse, make no offers at all. If the agent gets it totally wrong, you may even find your property deserted with home browsers coming few and far between. The last thing you want is for your open house to turn into a shambles. So partner with an agent that knows how to successfully attract potential buyers and make your open house inspection an attractive event.

Remember that you will be getting the lion’s share of the deal.

Many sellers that are so fixated on the size of the real estate agents fees that they actually forget how much they will revenue they will receive themselves from the sale. The owners of the property may only need to list their owned property and let the agents take the risk with their marketing activities coming out of the agent’s own budget and the risk of only earning an income if the property gets sold. Some of the commission rate numbers do sound high. But ultimately, it is about the total proceeds from the sale for doing little or no work. If you were to list and market the property yourself to attract buyers and complete the sale, the income that you will receive from the sale will be higher.

Have eyes like a hawk when it comes to managing the sale of your property.

Attention to detail is crucial when it comes to successfully managing the sales process of your property. Ensuring that the right paperwork is in order, that deadlines are met and all the other factors that are required during the sales process to ensure the settlement goes smoothly.

Be wary of agents that are on the prowl to make a quick buck from you!

While most agents are genuinely there to help you get the best outcome for your property, there are a few agents out that will lure unsuspecting sellers with the promise of high sales income margins and low commission rates. More often than not, these agents turn out to be cowboys that sell the property at a much lower than expected sales price, as well as give you a poor customer experience. Do your research and compare agents based on skill and their sales performance. Also compare the performance of the real estate agencies to assess the performance from their pool of real estate agents. Don’t get blinded by low commission fees as it can cost you a lot more than just commission savings.

You want to ensure that you have a good experience, resist the temptation to focus solely on low commission fees. Seek out a skilled expert who can aide you as a partner with the sale of your property and earn you both your desired rewards.

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  1. Joseph Thompson
    July 22, 2017 at 2:48 am — Reply

    Working with a real estate agent is like being in a short-term marriage – one thats highly charged and very stressful. You just don’t want to layer anything else onto the relationship, which is why finding someone who is emotionally and intellectually suited to you is so important. but anyhow thanks for this wonderful full blog, looking forward to your next blog.

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