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How to Be the Perfect Weekend Handyman

We could all benefit from skills that help save money on household repairs. There is something satisfying about solving a problem with your own DIY solution. Instead of calling in the pros, why not build up your handyman repertoire and work your way through some common household repair tasks? Read on for a couple of projects to start with.

Tackle Those Basic Plumbing Jobs
You don’t need plumbing certification for smaller jobs like changing the showerhead or fixing a leaky tap. A little know-how and a couple of tools will have it fixed in no time.

Before you start any plumbing task, make sure you turn off the water supply first. To change the showerhead, simply unscrew the existing one and clean up the sealing tape. Screw the new showerhead on and tighten it carefully. Turn the water back on and run the shower to check for leaks.

Get Creative with a Backyard Welding Project
Make a statement garden gate or privacy screen for your yard with your own DIY welding skills. With some square steel tubing and a few welding essentials from WIA, you can create a screen to hide your rubbish bins or pool pump. Find a plan online, or visit your local hardware store for DIY plans and guidelines. Once you’ve finished, seal the screen with paint to prevent rusting and fix it to the wall or fence with a strong bracket. You can even go fancy with decorative panels, or test out your gardening skills by adding a climbing vine or fixing small pot plants for a green transformation.

Improve Your Storage Situation
With a simple woodworking project, you can increase your storage capacity without losing wall space. A timber blanket box is easy to assemble and a great place to store blankets and other linen. You can also add padding and some vinyl to the lid to form a cushion. Now you’ve got a toy chest that doubles as a seat. You don’t need to be a master carpenter for this project. It’s a great place to start for first timers.

Weekends are the ideal time to flex your handyman muscles. These projects are affordable and simple for any DIY wannabe. Work your way through these tasks and be impressed by your own handiwork.

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