Paul Sera’s Journey: Passion, Motivation and Success

Born and raised in an Australian family with his automotive enthusiast brother and father, Paul is a self-motivated personality, a successful entrepreneur, a supercar lover and an IT maverick.

In life, we all work hard for our goals. But often, some of these goals walk all over our valued passions.

What’s the route to success? Or to the perfect balance between work life and passions? You believe that both of these are important, right?

Well, in this article, we are looking at someone who has been living life to the fullest, making the most out of his days churning ventures out of his passions for supercars and IT.

Let us see what got Paul Sera to love both the fields so much and what keeps him motivated now.

How Paul Started?

Love For Racing:
As mentioned earlier, Paul’s father and brother loved cars and everything on wheels. He grew up in the perfect environment to nurture a supercar racing heart and mind.

Spending his weekends with his family at the Go-karting track, Paul had the opportunity to explore four-wheeled vehicles and gain supreme control over his racing skills. As a result, while growing up, he got to rub shoulders and “paint” with many racing stars of the present-day just to name a few; Will Davison, Jamie Whincup, Alex Davison, Mark Winterbottom and the list goes on.

This gave wings to his dream of harnessing his love for supercars.

Jump to 2014; Paul found out that he might soon become redundant for the organisation he was then working for.

This was the prime motivation behind multiplying efforts towards Radial Life (Paul’s automotive merchandise range), and finally, it launched off big.

Love for Computers:
Paul got his first computer at a very early age. At that time, people rarely used to have computers at home. And Paul even got the internet as the cherry on top.

Using the device for a while, Paul instantly connected. Eventually, his love for computers and IT grew and took him to his first full time IT job in the year 1999.

In his fifteen years of corporate life, he managed a number of IT teams, gained experience working with some of the popular MNCs and Fortune 500 companies. Being surrounded by hundreds of computers and people working on them for all these years, Paul learned a lot about computers, networking, and IT architecture.

Thanks to that, Paul started his digital marketing and IT support company, under the name NextGen Digital.

The best thing about NextGen Digital is that Paul’s experience powers it.

He knew that his IT potential would allow him to do more than a digital marketing company. Wishing to put his knowledge and experience in IT to the right use, Paul came up with an amalgamation of digital marketing and IT and named it NextGen Digital.

More About Paul Sera
Apart from being a company man and self-employed entrepreneur, Paul Sera has an undying love for cars and drag racing. One primary aim of his company Radial Life is to bring top-level racing events and car shows to Australia.

Aiding the same, Radial Life has organised two drag events with many more planned. The names of the events were No Excuses 1 and No Excuses 2. Both the events took place at the Ballarat Airport on 1st December 2018 and 22nd February 2020 respectively.

The races for these events were divided into the following categories, based on the tyre size:

– R235 (For cars running up to a 235 Radial)
– R275 (For cars running up to a 275 Radial)
– R325 (For cars running up to a 325 Radial)

To get a glimpse of the thrill, you can watch the videos below.

No Excuses 1: Event Recap Video

Video here.

No Excuses 2: Event Recap Video

Video here.

Closing Words
Looking at Paul Sera’s journey, we can make out that the guy has kept his life exciting and energized. About life, Paul says,

“If you want to play hard, make sure you work hard. Nothing good comes easy and nothing easy is good”.

Indeed, his energy is tremendous and if you want to hear and learn more from him, check out his blog and Vlogs.

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