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Lockdown Living – 5 Ways to Keep Yourself Occupied if You’re Stuck in Lockdown (Again)

When it comes to matters relating to Covid-19, ‘Here we go again’ is not a phrase you’ll ever hear in an elated tone. No matter how many times harsh restrictions and lockdowns come around, it doesn’t seem to make the experience easier. It’s totally normal to be feeling low and frustrated about the scenario. To help you pass the time and lighten the mood at home, here are five things you can do by yourself or with your household.

  1. Themed Dinner Parties

By now, you’ve probably perfected your banana bread, so why not take it up a notch and present your household with the fun challenge of themed dinner nights? Graduate from being a basic cook and elevate your dinners by exploring the best cookware sets in Australia and investing in a quality new range.

Some theme ideas could be “around the world,” where a different country’s cuisine is celebrated through food and music or activities. You could also pick a film or TV show as the inspiration for your dinner, dress code, and festivities.

  1. Instead of Decluttering, Try Upcycling

If you dabbled in the KonMari method during the last lockdown, make use of any unwanted belongings that have since piled up by taking on an upcycling project. Also known as creative reuse, upcycling refers to the process of taking something you consider to be waste and transforming it into something of a higher value.

Examples include making broken ceramics into mosaics, finding ways to repurpose old jars and storage items, or getting creative and turning old furniture into home decor! To help, there are many social media groups and forums dedicated to sharing new upcycling ideas.

  1. Start A Massive Jigsaw Puzzle

Jigsaw puzzles take up time and space – two things you will likely have a lot of in lockdown. This soothing activity is suitable for people of all ages and provides you with an attainable goal you can work on as much or as little as you’d like. It gives you a boost of dopamine to lift your mood, and you can enjoy an extra kick by adding an aroma diffuser with zesty scents like citrus or peppermint! Other benefits of jigsaw puzzles include improved memory, better spatial reasoning, relieving stress, and connecting with your puzzle partners.

  1. Knitting or Cross-stitch

The grandmas of the world are onto something. In addition to the result of a beautiful blanket, scarf, or sweater to keep or give as a gift, this timeless craft has been found to have all kinds of health benefits. You can look forward to lowered blood pressure, reduced symptoms of depression and anxiety, and a greater sense of wellbeing. Supplies are fairly inexpensive, and you’ll find endless free tutorials and articles online.

  1. Do Something Nice For Your Neighbours

Who could forget all the little ‘Spoonville’ towns that popped up everywhere in 2020? Not only did this adorable activity give people something to do, but it helped residents feel a sense of connection.

In the same spirit of community, perhaps you could reach out to your neighbours during this time. If you have a creative idea, run it by your neighbours or share it on any online local groups you are in. Delivering home-cooked meals, crafts, or handwritten letters are other simple ways you can connect with the local community.

When going through the lows of lockdown, do not forget to talk to your loved ones about how you feel. The rest of the time you can devote to mastering the above activities!

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