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Getting the right advice on how to make money can be very difficult. People who are making money hold their secrets close to their chests as they don’t want added competition and others try charging for ideas that work, but may be out of date or towards the end of their productive life cycle.

Below is a list of proven money making techniques that have helped numerous people earn extra cash. Some earn more than others, but it is ultimately up to the individual implementing them. There is never any need to reinvent the wheel; it comes down to understanding a process and then allocating the correct resource to it and executing.

Making money online is one of the most popular forms of trying to create quick wealth. It is a great channel, but there are many other ways on how to earn good cash. In many cases it comes down to finding a niche and then establish market share quickly.

Online opportunities – There are a ton of online models for making money and competition is fierce. Some of the most popular methods include: Google Adsense, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, Ebooks and Blogging. In many cases individuals use a combination of all. Here is a great article with detailed information on how to make money online..

Importing/Exporting – With access to the internet it is extremely easy to research, source and order items from around the world and then sell them domestically or globally. Visiting websites like Alibaba allow you access to a vast network of manufacturers who ship to your door or drop ship on your behalf.

Hobbies – Often times many great businesses are derived from a hobby which turned into a flourishing business. Examples can include: A person taking martial arts as a hobby and then becoming an instructor themselves and even opening up their own school. Another example could be a wood worker who creates incredible woodworks which can then be sold at local markets or online. The list of examples is endless.

Contract/Consulting – There are always people and businesses that need help. In many cases they have part-time or project based work that they would like to outsource. Often time’s people don’t even think of this as an option or don’t know where to look. Elance is one of the market leaders in connecting contractors/consultants and businesses.

Become a Flipper – This is basically buying and selling, buy low and sell high. This can be as simple as having a garage sale, or going to garage sales, purchasing items cheap and selling them online or at your own garage sale for a profit.

Other money making opportunities can be a bit more advanced or time consuming. Such as, going back to school or taking specific courses on something new you want to do. The list is endless and really comes down to your own motivation and tastes in what you find appealing.

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