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Creature Concerns – 6 Sneaking Signs That Your Office Space Has a Mouse Problem

Mice; They may seem cute and harmless, but they are serious pests.

Especially in colder months, your neighbourhood mice population will be scheming on how to inhabit your offices and homes.  Sneaking in at night, stealing your food and colonizing in your wall space – these rodents will cause serious havoc if you don’t address the issue straight away.

If you are concerned you have a mouse problem – chances are you do.  With that said, here are some tell tale signs that your office or home has a mouse problem.

1) To Be Certain…..
Aside from face to face encounters – there is really only one way to be absolutely certain of a mouse problem, and that is to call a commercial pest control specialist. Not only can this confirm your issue, it is step one in treating the problem, then coming up with a plan to prevent it. Pest control companies will develop a management plan tailored to your business, and will have regular follow ups to ensure those little buggers are out for good.

2) Food Debris
If you are in denial and need some more proof before you call in the professionals – then look for signs that mice are eating through food in your office.  The clever mouse will chew a hole in the bottom of plastic bags of food, often leaving obvious teeth marks.  Look for crumbs, leaking bags of food and empty seed hulls as signs that a mouse is in your midst.

3) Traffic Patterns
When the lights shut off, mice run around your office like they own the joint.  Look for patterns of tiny paw marks, especially around walls.  Mice tend to hover near walls for added protection.

4) Nesting
Mice love to be cosy.  That is why they move into your house of office in the Winter!  Once inside, they tend to build cosy little nests where they will raise their cute little mice babies.  If you find corners where it looks like a tiny rodent has cleared out space for a nest, it is most likely a mouse dwelling.

5) Noises
We have all heard it.  That unmistakable scratching noise from behind a wall, or inside a vent.  “What is that noise?”, someone will say.  However, everyone already knows.  It is a sure fire sign that there are mice in the building.  Scratching, pitter patters, tiny movements in walls or ceilings are signs that it is time to call the pros.

6) Eye Contact
Small signs of a mouse problem often go undetected or ignored in a busy setting.  Until, that one day, when you are sitting at your desk and the brave little mouse pops it’s head around the corner and makes eye contact with you as you bite into your lunch. Just hope it is an employee at a desk rather than a customer at a table at your fancy restaurant!

If you find yourself in denial that you have a mice problem, you better get over it quickly.  While the signs may be small and seemingly insignificant – you can be sure there is not just one mouse wreaking havoc in your building.  Mice never travel alone, and they procreate rapidly.

At the first sign of a mouse problem, get help!  The sooner the better.  The sooner you have a company assessing the problem the sooner you are to finding a solution to a rodent-free life.

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