Connectivity Checklist: What You Need To Connect In Your New Business

Starting a new business is one of the most exciting ventures for entrepreneurs. Having your own retail or brick and mortar store is an amazing way of getting your brand out there and connecting with new clients and customers. Before you can open your doors to the public, business owners have a number of responsibilities and tasks to carry out. One of these tasks is ensuring that your business is connected to a range of various everyday needs that every business or store needs to operate. In today’s article, we have a look at exactly what you need to connect in your new business, so read on to find out more!

Keep A Watchful Eye
Installing CCTVs and getting them connected is one of the first things that business owners should engage in. Retailers all around the world have long been using CCTV cameras to keep an eye on what is happening in store and even in the outer surroundings of a store. CCTVs are a fantastic security measure that reduces shoplifting, employee theft and workplace safety. CCTV installation is also a great way of encouraging order and discipline in your business, as studies have shown that employees perform and behave better when they are aware that they are being watched. Using the same logic, shoplifting and crime rates are greatly reduced when your business is connected to CCTVs, making it something that no business owner should skimp on.

Hook Yourself Up To The Web
In 2019, one would struggle to find a business that doesn’t require an internet connection. Wifi and internet is an integral component of running a business simply because POS systems, computers and EFTPOS systems run off an internet connection. Without a WiFi connection, it would be near impossible to run a successful modern day business. Wifi instore is also a fantastic perk that you can offer to your customers. In fact, 98% of customers prefer to shop at stores with WiFi, and stated that they were more likely to return based off that alone. It goes without saying, internet and WiFi is an absolute must for any business in 2019.

Let There Be Light!
This one is a no-brainer – one of the most important things to ensure that you’re connected to is electricity. Without electricity, there is no business. Electricity is something that business owners often need to take into their own hands, sans instances where a business or retail space is being rented and utilities are being handled by the landlord. If you are a business owner who is in charge of every aspect of the physical business, it is important that you get your office or store connected with electricity as soon as possible. This enables every other system that you use on a daily basis to function, and is by far the first thing you should pay attention to.

A Good Security System
Last but certainly not least, a good security system is essential for any modern day business. If theft or break ins cannot be prevented, the repercussions can be very costly and will greatly affect your business. This is why installing a good security system is vital in keeping your business safe and reducing any potential robbery, burglary or break ins. A quality security system should provide you with motion sensors, smoke detection and immediate notification if something seems awry. Most reputable security system providers provide peace of mind by dispatching security vehicles to your premises if anything seems fishy. Rest easy knowing that your business is well protected from burglars and thieves by hooking up to a security system.

Connecting your business to all the necessary systems and connections needed for smooth daily operation is something that business owners should pay care and attention to. We hope that this article has given you some insight into some of the connections needed to run a successful business.

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