Common injury claims filed in courts today

No one likes the thought of an accident yet the sad reality is that accidents will always occur. However, when you sustain injuries due to the carelessness of another person, you are eligible to file a personal injury claim lawsuit.
The reason behind filing for the lawsuit is to receive compensation for the injuries sustained or lost earnings as result of the accident.
The number of personal injury claims keeps rising in various courts across the world. Let’s cast a glance at some of the most common injury cases filed in courts today.

Traffic accident claims
Road accidents have claimed most lives to this date. Over-speeding, driving while on the phone and driving under intoxication are some of the common causes of road accidents. If you suffer injuries on the road due to the carelessness of car driver, you can file for compensation against the offender for the injuries sustained.

Products liability claims
Injuries sustained from product liability account for almost 7 percent of all personal injury lawsuits. With the high number of products out there, consumers will more likely sustain injuries. Product liability basically means that the manufacturer or the producer of a product is held accountable for any injuries caused by their product to consumers. Probably the product comprises of sub-standard materials. Any consumer who sustains injuries due to the use of these faulty products is eligible to file a lawsuit against the product maker.

Job-related injury claims
Job-related injuries have a tendency of involving recurring stress injuries like back injuries, neck injuries and carpal tunnel syndrome. Many job-related injuries go unreported due to fear of getting axed. Owing to the current shortage of jobs, such fears are understandable. However, if you have a genuine concern, proceed to discuss it with your superiors. If you sustain injuries while on job duty, you have sufficient grounds to file for an injury lawsuit. It is the responsibility of the employer to guarantee the safety of all employees at the place of work. Any neglect on the part of the employer that results in an employee getting hurt is subject to a claim lawsuit.

Assault claims
Technically filed under criminal charges, assault claims represent a high number of personal injury lawsuits. These types of bodily injury claims happen together with different other issues such as drug abuse or domestic violence. An assault claim lawsuit usually demands for compensation on both the emotional stress and bodily injury. Unlike other injury cases, assault claims are much easier to prove particularly where witnesses are present and the sustained injuries remain physically noticeable.

Slip and fall claims
Slip and fall accidents account for a high number of deaths, especially among seniors give that the older you become, the more prone you become to slip and fall injuries. Injuries suffered from slip and fall injuries can turn out to be serious and cause damages to one’s spinal cord, head, neck or hips. These types of accidents are common because they can happen almost anywhere that you can think of, the mall, supermarket, at work or at home. A building where one suffers a nasty fall is typically held accountable for the injuries suffered. Nevertheless, proving this claim without reasonable doubt is not a walk in the park since sufficient evidence must clearly show that the building owners or managers failed to remedy some risky sections within their establishment.

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  1. Hans
    April 29, 2013 at 9:05 pm — Reply

    Doesn’t really surprise me considering the number of injuries.

    600K injuries/year because of beds alone, etc.

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