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Coffee Table Catch-Up: How to Create a Welcoming Living Area

After a few months and years, we stop spotting opportunities with our home decor and get accustomed to our mismatched furniture and tired styling. The good news is that it is not too late for your living room, and by reinventing the space and restyling the coffee table, you will have a more welcoming living area for you and your guests to enjoy. Regardless of your budget and styling skill set, we are going to break down the many ways you can inject some intrigue to the space.

Let’s start with the coffee table
It occupies the smallest space in the home, and yet it really commands the space and sets the tone of the home. A coffee table with used teacups and a stack of papers sys very little about your home, and it brings down the rest of your interior ambience. Spend some time clearing and cleaning the coffee table, and then think about what items you can introduce that are going to represent the look and feel of your home. Maybe you prefer a clean look with a vase of fresh flowers, or you might prefer a fashion memoir or a cactus. Style the coffee table as you see fit and then guard the integrity of the table so that it does not clutter up again.

Spaced floors and clean walls
Art galleries and beautiful spaces always have an impact because they are large clear spaces and clean walls without any unnecessary items. Walls that are adorned with old faded photos and movie posters are only going to confuse and alienate your guests. Similarly, floors that have puckered rugs, cushions and brackets all over the space are going to create immediate barriers that keep you and your guests from entering and relaxing freely. Assess what in your living room needs to stay and banish everything else that is not serving the needs of your living spaces.

Ambient lighting
Lighting is arguably the easiest thing to change, and yet it is an afterthought for so many households. By simply choosing a pearl lightbulb over a brighter one, you add a relaxing ambience to your living space and it actually works to soften the surrounding features in your room. The perfect lighting can honestly hide a multitude of sins, but you still want it to be bright enough that the room is functional and safe to be in. Next time you are in a home, cafe or store that you think has appealing lighting, ask about it and see if you can recreate at home.

Scents and sounds
Scent and sound are two of the most alluring senses, and they are rarely utilised in the home. By placing oil diffusers in the corner of your living space, you can be welcomed with relaxing lavender or any other essential oil that immediately lets you know you are home and winding down. If you have pets and little children in the home, these scents can also hide those aromas that are harder to eradicate. If you also want to deploy sound, consider hooking up some speakers in the living room that are easy to use so that you and your household members can put on a soundtrack or soundscape to make the room more peaceful.

Here are some easy ways that you can be creating a welcoming living area in your home – and many of these tips can actually be implemented within a day. If you don’t want to overwhelm your other residents, introduce each step one at a time so that you have time to assess if it is working and if it needs to change.

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