How to Choose the Right Coffee Machine

For many workers in all sorts of industries, coffee is a daily necessity. And if you’re an employer, you may have recognised the importance of keeping your staff perked and ready. But if you’re still buying cheap instant coffee for your office kitchen, think again – these days it’s all about the coffee machine. Having a quality coffee machine in-house will stop your employees popping out to visit the local café and encourage higher levels of productivity – it’s a win-win on both ends! But how do you choose the right machine for your workplace? Ask these three questions to make sure you get the best one for your needs!

What’s the right size?
The first thing to decide is the size of the machine you will need for your office. A workplace of five people isn’t going to need an industrial espresso machine, nor will a single-cup milk frother work for an office of 60. Work out how many employees are likely to use the machine, and what is the most cost effective and efficient choice for those numbers. If you don’t know how to figure this out, consult a professional coffee and equipment company such as Di Bella Coffee.

What’s the right maintenance level?
Now is the time to get real. You need to think honestly about your co-workers’ behaviours and skill level. There’s no point purchasing a barista-quality machine if nobody knows how to use it! You also have to consider whether your peers clean up after themselves, and possibly choose a machine that’s easy to maintain and use. A capsule machine is a great option in this case.

What’s the right coffee?
If in doubt, conduct a survey before you purchase your machine to find out your co-workers’ coffee preferences. Capsule machines with in-built milk frothers are all the rage at the moment, but a die-hard coffee-lover may settle only for a traditional espresso machine. Don’t forget about those who prefer black coffee, too, as they often prefer stronger flavours, and won’t care about milk frothing options. The key is to pick a decent bean or capsule so your machine can produce the best coffee for you each morning.

These are just the basics of finding the perfect coffee machine for your workplace. We guarantee that it will be valuable investment that will keep you caffeinated all day long – you’ll never want to go back to instant!

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