Buying an effective printer for your business: A startup guide

An effective printer is often unappreciated for its value to a company. It’s one of those items where people believe that they can get one cheaply and still get the outcome that they desire.
The thing is that isn’t the case. The printer is more than a machine in the corner of your office to just print out the odd task.

The print is:

• The hardcopy
• The proof
• The credibility

The print is the visual impression of what your audience will take in. And if you take shortcuts, don’t expect the hard work that you have put into your printout to create any opportunity for your business.

Businesses need to know why they need an effective printer for your business. Below are a few crucial tips to consider when you decide to buy a printer for your business.

Take price out of the equation
If you are someone who is sensitive to price, you will need to make an exception for when you are purchasing a quality printer. Don’t just go for the cheapest one. Invest in a printer that will provide you with the printing solutions that you require for your business. We’re not saying that you should break the bank or that you shouldn’t get value for money. But what we are saying is you need to look at the printing functionalities that will allow you to get the visual impact that you are after.

Buy a printer that prints legibly and provides clarity
It is amazing to see how many printers are on the market that cannot print good quality documents. If it is difficult for your recipient to read, they will easily get distracted and will probably have little or no interest in what you have presented. All the work done for the document will have been undone and will likely cause you to lose opportunities with your business. It isn’t worth the risk to your business.

If you print cheap, your business will look cheap
You need to invest in a printing solution that will make your business come across professional. Do not invest in a printer that will make your documents, printouts or anything that you a printing come across tacky. First impressions count! Don’t take the chance!

Invest in an ink cartridge solution that gives your printouts an amazing visual impact
A strong first impression will captivate your audience. You need a printing solution that can offer you the professional image that your documents require. Show off bright, sharp images that will provide your printout with a wow factor. If you select a cheap printer ink cartridge solution, not only will you risk getting an unprofessional printout, it may make your documentation look cheap, as well as damage your printer. Your printouts should be adding value to your organisation, hence the importance of investing in a printing solution that will offer you quality printouts.

Forecast the printing demands of your organisation
It is likely that printing will impact many areas of your business. From printing business documents to invoices, letterheads, sales and presentation materials. Certain printers can only handle a certain level of demand when it comes to paper and ink demands. If you know that your organisation will have staff demanding over 1000 printouts a day, it doesn’t make any sense to get a small printer. Invest in a printer that suits your organisation’s demands.

Avoid wastage
The largest cost that you will need to consider is the amount of cost that goes into wastage. The wasted cost of paper and ink is something that can easily affect your business. The ink refill or cartridge costs can be quite pricey. If you have to replace these often due to wasted prints, then it could add an unnecessary financial strain on your business. Look into solutions where you can monitor or control printouts by having restrictions or stopgaps to avoid any unnecessary waste.

These tips should help you with the selection process when you are looking for the right printer for your business. Remember, the printouts you do will provide the impression and proof for your business. Keep it professional and others will perceive your business in the manner intended.

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