Become a Graduate Entrepreneur

If you’re a student, and if you’re graduating soon, you probably already have one eye on the jobs markets. Unless you’ve been living under a rock in recent times, you’ll have noticed that jobs aren’t as plentiful as perhaps they once were. The pandemic has meant many job losses and uncertainty for employers and employees alike. But the truth is that unless you are self-employed, there will always be a degree of uncertainty regarding how the big boardroom decisions will affect you. That‘s why you should consider becoming a graduate entrepreneur.

All you need to become a graduate entrepreneur is a world-changing idea and enough funding to get your project off the ground. Simple, right? Funding will come later, with multiple options open to you from banks and other lenders (you may also wish to compare business loans with Qantas, for example). And as for the world-changing idea? That’s going to take some thought. But what else do you need to know about becoming a graduate entrepreneur?

The Entrepreneurial Mindset

Becoming an entrepreneur isn’t for everyone. Even business-minded people who decide to give it a shot don’t always get it right. The issue is often the correct mindset (or lack of it). Take a few moments now to decide whether you have the entrepreneurial mindset.

Things entrepreneurs share in common:

● Resilience
We’ll start with the most obvious factor. Resilience is a personality trait shared by all successful entrepreneurs. You may think you are resilient, but if you’ve never been up against mounting problems with no-one else to turn to, be prepared to discover how much grit and determination you possess.

Remember, when you are a business leader, there is no 5 PM finish. You cannot say “I’ll pick this up in the morning” and walk away from your problems. Everything depends on you. If you don’t have what it takes, your business won’t survive.

● Natural risk-taker
There’s a movie trope called the “hero’s journey”. The main character must enter into the unknown, adapt, and return to save the day. Think Mr Potter, Capt. Marvel, young Skywalker, Wonder Woman, and countless other protagonists that follow their instincts on a voyage outside of their comfort zone for the common good.

These movies aren’t there to teach us that it’s easier to get things done if you have magic powers. They teach us that we can win despite adversity. If you’re the kind of risk-taker that resonates with the lead characters in such movies, becoming an entrepreneur may be right for you.

If you want to find out more about yourself, why not take a gap year. You’ll learn a lot about how much of a calculated risk-taker you are when faced with having to make quick decisions when travelling.

● Problem-solving attitude
This final tip ties in with resilience and a daring outlook. Successful entrepreneurs are problem solvers. When faced with a brick wall, they find a way to leap, tunnel, or walk around it. Can you say the same about your problem-solving attitude?

Becoming an entrepreneur won’t happen overnight. There will be setbacks. But for the right person, it’s all part of the ride.

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