How to beat the heat and save on energy costs

This summer Australians are really feeling the heat. With temperatures reaching into the forties, finding relief from the heat is a priority for everyone. When the temperature soars so do energy costs as air conditioners across the country start working overtime not to mention fans and any other heat reducing device.

There are a handful of things that can be done during these hot times to reduce costs and provide enjoyable days. Below is a popular list of things to do to help get through the day without breaking the bank.

Heat beating ideas:
Early/Late activities – The morning and evenings will be the coolest parts of the day, try and get your grocery shopping or household needs done during this time. Another big plus during the morning is that shops are generally less crowded and you get first pick!

Afternoon activities – During the heat of the day take advantage of other peoples/businesses air conditioning. Go to the movies, the mall, shopping centres, aquarium or other areas where you can enjoy a service and aircon. This might be a good opportunity to even do your banking.

Going out to parks or the beach can be another great idea, but when the temperature gets into the forties even these areas can be too hot.

Stay at home – If getting out and about just isn’t your thing and you prefer to just stay in the comfort of your own home. Keep you energy costs down by closing all windows and drawing all shades until the evening. If you have air conditioning keep the thermostat set at one temperature and leave it on all day so the unit does not have to continue to work extra hard in cooling the house. Closing doors and just cooling one area of the home will help keep costs down.

Beyond the above tips of beating the heat throughout the day, looking at ways to better insulate your home will go along way in beating the heat in the summer and cold in the winter. Please leave your tips and ideas for beating the heat in out comments section.

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