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Australian Made Mattresses – Sleep Well

There are many items that we need in and around the home, from furniture to soft furnishings. Although many of us are on a budget these days, there is a saying that warns that buying cheap means buying twice, and this is true when it comes to the purchase of many items, including beds and mattresses. The mattress is the comfortable platform on which we lay our body on a nightly basis. It needs to only offer the best in comfort but cocoon and support our weary bones.

Sleep is important. Everyone needs the right amount of sleep to function and be focused. Buy a cheap, sub-standard mattress and you may find yourself aching, and no more refreshed than when you first laid your head on the pillow.

The benefits of buying an Aussie Mattress
When it comes to buying a new mattress, there is nothing better than buying Australian made mattresses and here’s why:

Australian made products, including mattresses, are some of the highest quality goods you can buy on the market today. Lovingly designed and handcrafted, Australian manufacturers also guarantee comfort, perfect for a good night’s sleep.

The benefits of buying domestically made products have long been known but it is always important to emphasise the importance of helping the national economy grow. Those that handcraft products are all working in safe, clean environments on home soil too. Can you be sure of this when you buy from afar?

There are environmental benefits too. Rich and diverse, our climate needs protecting – from the oceans teeming with life to the forest bursting with nature. Australian made mattresses and other products are manufactured in a way that adds to this, not detracts, aware of the need to protect and nurture.

Fair pay is important too, knowing that the people who have designed, planned and crafted the product are taking home a fair weekly wage that meets or surpasses the current minimum rate means that there is more joy in not only buying, but consuming the product too.

As a country, Australia needs to be independent but it also needs to welcome trade connections with other countries. Buying local and from within the country means that as a nation, Australia can stand proud and independent, knowing that its workforce has the skills and abilities to manufacture a diverse range of goods and services.

Building economic growth on depth is akin to building properties on sand; the foundations are not firm and liable to shift. A weak domestic market means that as a country, it needs to borrow, in order to fuel its growth. The domestic economy is now effectively weakened further, with debts that can soon turn from manageable to crippling. Buying within the country makes for a far sturdier, robust economy, without loan repayments to falter its growth.

Standards are high in Australia. Toys and other products have to reach, if not exceed, minimum safety standards. When you buy Australian made goods, you are buying safe goods and products that will benefit the Australian economy.

The talk of free and fair trade is all well and good, but can only really be described as a success when the workers are treated well and are not exposed to danger, or when the environment is not polluted or contaminated. It may be that the goods are cheaper from developing countries, but at what true cost? On price, there may be a difference but buying Australian made mattresses means buying safe goods, of a high standard.

Overall, keeping a skill set within the country is important too. By allowing some kinds of industries and manufacturers to take their skills abroad means that they are effectively lost, rarely to return.

With all these reasons, and a whole host of ranges to suit any budget, there’s really no reason not to show your Aussie pride, and purchase a “home-grown” mattress next time you buy.

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