Australian Artwork

Australia is a very diverse country with a rich and colourful background that lends itself to a variety of artistic styles. Art influences range from Indigenous to European, Asian to Middle Eastern, all coming together to be Australian. Whilst there are many styles of art that define Australia, Aboriginal art has really always been at the heart of what Australian art is.

Authentic Aboriginal art is very sought out for and easily enhances the aesthetics of any home. From incredible vibrant colours to the use of remarkable earth tones, there are options for all tastes. Artworks can be found and purchased from multiple outlets. High end pieces can be found via art galleries and brokers, while other pieces can be bought directly from artists in their communities or from local shops. The internet is also a great source for finding different artworks throughout the country. As with anything, be weary of fakes and un-ethical sales people.

Other non-Indigenous artworks include amazing woodworks, glassworks, paintings and sculptures from around the country. From small towns like Bellingen and Byron Bay to the big cities of Melbourne and Sydney, creativity and quality craftsmanship is in abundance.

Below are lists of websites that showcase a range of incredible Australian artworks.

Artwork Downunder – This is a good site that has a range of Australian artworks including Aboriginal paintings, modern glass and wood works, in addition to a few other items.

Gannon House Gallery – Located in Sydney, this site has a range of Aboriginal art and Australian contemporary art. The bulk of items here are on the high end, although they do have some affordable items.

Retrospect Galleries – Provide premier fine art, known for showcasing cutting edge works from established and emerging Australian artists.

The above is just a very small sample of websites that provide Australian art, the National Gallery of Australia is another great source for finding unique Australian artwork along with updates on coming exhibitions and gallery openings.

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