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A List of Annual Household Tasks To Save Money

It’s fair to say that Australians want to live in a happy home. We want to live in good conditions with good people around us. It’s a simple concept, but it is one that can make every person happy. Some people choose to take actions regularly and for others, it is once in a blue a blue moon. Regardless of how often you choose to maintain your household tasks, you should commit to regular tasks annually to keep your place in good knick. Not all tasks will apply to your home, but definitely commit to those tasks that relate to your home.

Clean out the barbecue!
For an Australian to not clean out their barbecue is sacrilege. Not only are you doing a dishonor to the barbecue, but you are increasing health risks with your food preparation. The barbecue should be cleaned regularly, however you should commit to a thorough clean annually.

Pest control.
Many things can change over the course of a year. And getting pest problems can be one of them. Prevention is better than cure. To avoid the threat of pests such as rodents, commit to an annual rat inspection to keep those scurrying rodents at bay. Termites, ants and other harmful insects should also be checked and sprayed.

You should commit to roofing checks once a year. Although it may be pricey for the assessment, any identified threats can potentially save you thousands over the long term. Ensure that you clean out your gutters that may have a build up of leaves and debris, as well as committing to any roofing repairs such as roof tiling and fixing leaks or insulation to prevent any further damage that could be caused from natural elements.

Check that your smoke detector is working.
When it comes to fire safety, you want to make sure that your family is safe, should your home become subject to fire. Ensure that you have annual checks of smoke detectors and that they are functioning correctly. Additionally, conduct similar checks for gas detectors such as carbon monoxide detectors.

Make sure your fridge is in check.
Some people buy their fridge and never clean it out. This can lead to bad smells within your fridge. Do an annual checkup to make sure that your fridge is working correctly. This means that your fridge is maintaining the right temperature and that the fridge’s door seals are working correctly. Also make sure to defrost your fridge and freezer to avoid a buildup of ice.

Deep clean your carpets.
This is a task you should commit to doing regularly. If you cannot, then definitely commit to it once a year. Even though you will be cleaning your carpets with a regular vacuum (ideally you will be doing this weekly), it is ideal to get a deep clean on your carpets once every six months or at least on an annual basis. There is a buildup of dirt, dust and carpet bugs that a deep clean will treat. Furthermore, walking on fresh clean carpet will give you a heavenly feeling between your toes that you will feel like you are walking on cloud nine.

Move the furniture.
It is amazing how people can buy furniture and leave it in the same place for years. When the furniture is moved, they are surprised with all of the items they find lurking behind there. Long lost photos, the remote control that dad was complaining about never finding. And worst of all, the buildup of dirt and unsanitary items behind the furniture. Don’t let it get to this point. Commit to moving your furniture annually to check and clean in your home.

These are a few of the annual tasks that you should commit to each year to make your home feel like a better place. Take action and create a better home for yourself today!

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