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7 Ways to Add Financial Value to Your Property

The very act of living in a house is an organic, shifting process. Even as we’re making a home our own, we’re also thinking about how to boost its value and whether or not it could fetch a good asking price on the market. This is a natural part of making such a big investment; for many property owners, the family home is a legacy. It represents an investment in the future.

It’s hardly surprising then that so many homeowners are interested in boosting the financial value of their properties. This can be achieved in a number of ways, but it must be considered carefully. It is no good simply splashing out on the most expensive bathroom or kitchen suite, for example, if it isn’t well suited to the needs of the family. To add value, you must find the right balance between aesthetic appeal and practicality.

This guide to some of the best ways to add financial value to your property will give you some helpful advice on where to start.

Spruce Up the Garden
One of the most affordable ways to add financial value to a home is to give the garden a new lease on life. This is a cheaper option than kitchen and bathroom renovations, but it can be just as effective. The front garden is the first thing that prospective buyers and visitors see, so it informs first impressions of the property. With the help of Revell landscaping experts in Perth, you can make sure that it is neat, appealing, and visually striking.

Give the Kitchen a Makeover
The kitchen is one of the most popular choices for remodelling, because homeowners can achieve a surprising amount, with a small amount of cash. Even if you are working to a tight budget and cannot afford to redesign from scratch, simple things like replacing cupboard doors and installing new flooring can make a huge difference.

Add Some Life to the Bathroom
Bathrooms are another popular choice when trying to add financial value to a property. Like kitchens, they only need a little creativity and imagination to be transformed. You don’t have to break the bank with a whole new bathroom suite; focus you money and attention on the most ‘at need’ areas. For instance, paint the space in bright, airy colours. Invest in modern cabinets and install a sleek and stylish shower screen.

Repaint the Facade
If you’re looking for a quick and affordable way to add resale value to your home, turn your hand to the exterior facade of the property. A simple paint job will reinvigorate tired sections and give the exterior of the house some character and life. This is an important piece of advice for anybody who has lived in a property for some time and is starting to feel uninspired. Start with the basics, like repainting the facade, and move onto bigger tasks later. You’d be surprised at how much difference a little bit of paint can make.

Invest in Quality Skylights
Light is a really vital part of any home. In fact, one of the quickest ways to turn prospective buyers off is to obstruct the path of natural sunlight with heavy curtains or clutter. With high quality skylights, you can benefit from uninterrupted light, all year round, but still maintain a warm and comfortable environment. Plus, skylights are very economical; they channel as much light and warmth from the sun as possible and direct it into the interior space.

Build a Majestic Fireplace
If you can afford to build a fireplace, or restore an existing fireplace, it could be worth a little effort and investment. This is one of those features that almost all prospective buyers place on their wish list. Beautiful, majestic fireplaces speak of class, elegance, and sophistication – even if they don’t cost that much money to build, they can still look extremely luxurious.

Add a Practical Extension
There is an awful lot said about conservatories, but they’re not the only kind of extension on offer to homeowners looking to up the resale value of their property. You could, as a practical alternative, build a robust and spacious garage. It is a feature that almost all prospective house hunters will be looking for and it won’t break the bank either; garage extensions are generally very straightforward and can be completed for a modest amount of money.

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