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6 Myths About Rodents and Your Home

How much of what we know about rodents is true? When scouring the internet and asking around, it can be nearly impossible to make a distinction between fact and fiction, so in the hope that we can shed some light on the situation, here’s just a few of the urban myths about rodents that have made their way into common knowledge.

“Rodents Go Outside To Die”
A “fact” that has been passed around as a helpful tidbit for years, the idea that rat poison leads rodents to an outdoor end is a long held misconception. While this theory has a slight basis in the truth, it unfortunately doesn’t hold up to scrutiny. It is true that some animals will go out and find specific areas to die, rodents don’t appear to be on this list. Rat poison can take eight to ten days to achieve the desired effect, and though in this time rodents may head out into the world, they are just as likely to stay within your house and will die wherever they happen to be at the time. If you’re hoping for a real way to deal with rodents effectively, Albury pest control specialists are a must call for a rodent-free household.

“Cheese is the Best Lure For Rodents”
While not entirely ineffectual for luring mice into your traps, there are far superior options for tantalising these animals. Lures like meat and chocolate are frequently used by pest controllers as a far more appetising alternative. It is often found that juicy fruits are a big draw for mousetraps, as rodents tend to gather a lot of their water and moisture from the food they eat as opposed to other water sources. So when you decide to set up your own ways to trap these unwelcome animals, probably leave the cheese in the fridge.

“Getting a Cat Will Fix the Problem”
Though it is true that cats will sometimes kill mice and rats, that doesn’t mean it is a quick fix for your pest problem. Rodents don’t often spend much time travelling freely around the floors of your house, and can easily retreat to places where your pet can’t continue chasing it.

“Rodents Are A Sign Of A Dirty House”
Unsanitary! Regardless of what cartoons may have taught us, rats do not spend their time eating garbage when other foods are available. While a rat certainly isn’t bothered by a bit of untidiness on your part, they will more likely be drawn to fruit and seeds than any kind of rotting foodstuff you may have improperly discarded. Rodents can be seen in even the tidiest of homes and businesses, and are no reason to get self conscious about your personal hygiene.

“Rats In the Daytime Mean Big Problems”
Rats may be nocturnal, but they will usually come out to play when they deem it to be the least dangerous. If you’re looking for signs of a larger infestation, signs of droppings and home damage are much better indicators than a rat’s general sleeping habits.

“Rodent Damage is the Worst Part”
You might be a little bummed about the detrimental effects that a rodent has had on your woodwork, but that’s of little concern in the face of bacteria and viruses that can be easily spread by cohabiting with an uncleaned mouse or rat. Health risks are a major concern when it comes to pests of this kind, and a speedy call to pest control is strongly advised for anyone who believes they’ve seen signs of a rodent infestation.

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