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A guide to resolving first world problems: the homeowner edition

“First World Problems.” Yep, in the West, most of us experience at least one of these at fairly regular intervals. Perhaps your television screen always starts transmitting a storm of seemingly endless static-snow the minute your favourite show or a crucial sports event comes on? Or maybe you continually find …



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3 Additions to Help Increase the Value of Your Home

There are countless options when it comes to making additions to your home. But not all of them will help increase the value of your home. So if you would like something that both impacts positively on your lifestyle and also ensures you aren’t sitting on a slow financial leak, …


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Addressing the financial obstacles experienced by first home buyers

Trying to get onto the property ladder seems to become a much tougher challenge for every generation. We hear complaints about property prices spiraling out of control so much that it is to the point where people cannot afford to place a deposit on their home. There are affordable options …